First Inside Look of My Closet!


Many of you might know that I moved into a new home a couple of months ago. In a recent blogpost I gave you a little tour of my home but I have to admit, I was saving the best for last! I have been working on this closet for the past four months, getting inspiration off Pinterest, websites and more! My main problem at first was that I didn’t really want to invest $$$ into the structure of the closet, since we are currently renting. Luckily, with the help of my handyman husband, my architect dad and my creative friend, we finally made it happen, all under about $600 dollars! It’s amazing what you can create with a couple of shelves and thank God for Ikea!

With that said, I am so excited to finally give you a first look! I partnered up with Amazon Style Code Live to bring you this inside look of my closet! It aired yesterday but I have included the link here in case you missed it. It was so fun and exciting to film!! If you watch this and feel like you might want to splurge on a new outfit, Style Code Live is giving away a $250 Gift Card! To enter, visit @StyleCodeLive on Instagram. So many of you have asked for this video and I couldn’t think of a better way than this to give you a first look!

Click this link to see the segment!

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Thank you Amazon for sponsoring this post.