busted knees

Photos taken by Henryoshistudios
Jacket: Rebecca Taylor . Shirt: Madewell (similar here) . Jeans: Forever 21 Go to Skinny Jeans . Boots : B.P. Trolley Leather Ankle . Necklace : H&M . Sunglasses: Moddeals
These are my favorite jeans at the moment and the best part of all, is how much I paid for them. I bet you’ll never guess…. 100!.. nope, lower… 50!…nope, lower, give up?? $10 dollars! HA, I know I was pretty amazed myself to be honest. I bought them at Forever 21 about four months ago, and I never really wore them, until one day, after hours of searching online for affordable distressed jeans, I remembered my abandoned $10 jeans in my closet. I thought to myself, hey if it doesn’t work out, they only cost 10 bucks, right? So I went ahead and cut two slits in the middle of the jeans on both sides, I ripped the rest of it, washed them and voila!
I recommend you try this, there are tons of youtube videos online that teach you how to make holes in your jeans. Buy some inexpensive pair at Forever 21 or H&M so incase you mess up it won’t hurt as much, or worse comes to worse, you have new cutoff shorts!  Plus, instead of buying 200 dollar distressed jeans, why not make them yourself! Now GO and make yourself proud!
I have a wedding this weekend so I am headed off to Ensenada but don’t forget to follow me on instagram @paola_alberdi to see my everyday outfits, views and more.

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