Why I am Extra Grateful This Year

Today we give thanks.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I will keep this post short, because I know you all have places to be and turkey to eat, but since you are here and I have your attention, I wanted to take this day to thank you!

As most of you know, when Enzo was born, we had a rough start. A type of start, that no one can prepare you for, just thinking about it makes me teary-eyed. I realized that I had never officially thanked all of you for your random acts of kindness towards us! Not only were you guys understanding when blankitinerary.com and all social media outlets went silent for a month, but you showered us with your unconditional love and support. We would receive messages from people all over the world and of all different religions telling us they were praying for him. During those days, I never felt prouder of the Blank itinerary community. I realized how LUCKY I was to call you all my online friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for embarking on this journey with us. Thank you for every email, comment and direct message filled with beautiful words, and last but not least, thank you for your patience regarding Enzo’s birth story. It must have been difficult to pray or send good vibes to our beautiful angel without knowing why. We cannot wait to share everything with you but we also needed time to heal from that experience and adjust to our new life with our little one.

Whether you’re a new reader or have been following since the first days, I’m so glad you stumbled upon Blank Itinerary and I’m excited to continue this journey together. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy being with your loved ones, and now go get fat!



  1. NL
    November 25, 2017 / 5:30 pm

    Love the sweater, where is it from?

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