How to choose a perfect t shirt.

Wearing leather jacket with graphic t shirt and ripped denim

Three simple tips on how to choose a perfect t shirt.

Why is something so simple, so hard to get right? We all say, I’m just looking for the perfect t shirt that fits cool. The journey might be long, you might meets some on the way, but not the one, but, once you do find it, you guys will be inseparable. Yes, we are still talking about t shirts. Wether your looking for a fitted or slouchy, thicker or sheerer, the beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but here are three simple tips on how to choose a perfect t shirt.
1. Make sure you try it on, before leaving the store! I don’t care if there is a long line for the fitting room, try the damn thing on. Because rumor has it, most people don’t return things because of laziness, or because they end up wearing it anyway, even though they are not completely satisfied with it and we are not wardrobe mediocre are we? TRY IT ON!
2. Ok, now that I got you into the fitting room… first things first, does it fit right? Check the shoulders, the length…I have noticed that I am able to be lenient if it’s sheerer or thicker than what I had in mind, but it definitely needs to fit right. Whether its slouchy or fitted, most importantly it needs to be comfortable and fit well.
3. Is it in your price range? Never go over than $30.00 of you budget because you will most likely feel guilty afterwards even if its an amazing t shirt. Plus, there are gazillion t shirts out there, trust me, you might spend a little more time looking for one, but you will find it and when you do you will feel so proud of yourself!

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Wearing: All Saints Papin Leather Jacket | Doll Memories T Shirt Beige | Forever 21 Jeans DIY holes | Aldo Shoes | Rayban Retros 

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