How to Get the Perfect Fake Tan

Something we all want for summer? To be tan. Something we all definitely don’t want? Sun damage. I take good care of my skin and though I love a good tan, I don’t want to risk getting sun spots, wrinkles or skin cancer for the sake of being tan. Sometimes I get an airbrush spray tan before events or vacations, but for a quick last-minute glow, I like to use a self-tanner. There are tons of them on the market, so to make your self-tanning goals easier, I’m narrowing it down to a few of my favorites!

¿Algo que todos queremos para el verano? Estar bronceados. ¿Algo que todos definitivamente no queremos? Daño del sol. En los últimos años, he aprendido a cuidarme mucho mejor mi piel y, aunque me encanta el buen bronceado, no quiero arriesgarme a tener manchas de sol, arrugas o cáncer de piel por broncearme. A veces me hago “spray tans” antes de eventos o un viaje, pero para un resplandor rápido de último minuto, me gusta usar un auto-bronceador. Hay miles en el mercado, así que para facilitar sus metas de auto-bronceado este verano, ¡lo estoy reduciendo a algunos de mis favoritos!


If you’re new to self-tanning, a gradual tanner is the best way to go. My favorite is the St. Tropez Gradual Tan. It gives you a perfect, natural-looking tan and is super easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t have that typical self-tanner smell that I can’t stand. I recommend exfoliating the night before you use it and to keep it on for like 6 hours before showering or going in the pool.

Si eres nueva en el mundo de autobronceadores, un bronceador gradual es la mejor opción. Mi favorito es el bronceado gradual de St. Tropez. Te da un bronceado perfecto que se ve natural y es muy fácil de usar. Además, no tiene ese olor típico de autobronceador que no puedo soportar. Recomiendo exfoliar la noche antes de usarlo y dejártelo puesto durante aproximadamente 6 horas antes de bañarte o meterte a la alberca.


In my humble opinion, your outfits always look better when you are tan. There are times where I try something on and wish I could have a tan right away without needing to book a spray tan or waiting for a gradual self-tanner to work its magic. When I need an instant glow, I swear by the Vita Liberata Body Blur. This is more like a body makeup since it washes off once you shower. The best part is once you blend it in (either with a tanning mitt or foundation brush) it covers all your skin imperfections. I would just be careful because the color may transfer to light-colored clothes!

En mi opinion, todos tus outfits se ven mejor cuando estas bronceada. Hay momentos en los que me pongo algo, y quisiera poder broncearme instantáneamente sin tener que hacer una cita o usar un bronceador gradual que se tarda en ver resultados. Cuando necesito un brillo instantáneo, Vita Liberata Body Blur es lo máximo! Es más como un maquillaje corporal, ya que se lava una vez que te bañas. La mejor parte es que una vez que te lo embarras (ya sea con un guante de bronceado o una brocha maquillaje) cubre todas las imperfecciones de la piel. ¡Solo tengan cuidado porque el color puede manchar la ropa de colores claros!


If you’re like me, tanning your face probably gives you a little bit of anxiety. I’m much more sensitive on my face so I always make sure I’m using something I trust. Tan Luxe Face Illuminating Drops work great with your existing skincare routine. Just add a few drops of these to your moisturizer for a gradual, natural-looking tan.

Si eres como yo, broncearte la cara probablemente te da un poco de ansiedad. Soy mucho más sensible en mi cara, así que siempre me aseguro de usar algo en lo que confío. Las gotas iluminadoras faciales Tan Luxe funcionan muy bien con mi rutina de la piel. Solo le agrego unas gotas de este producto a mi crema para la cara para obtener un bronceado gradual y natural.


When you need to bring your tan on the go, tanning wipes are your most practical option. I like the Kate Somerville Self-Tanning Towelettes, which are great for your face and body. Use the wipes just like you would use a normal self-tanner and wait a few hours until the color develops.

Cuando necesites broncearse mientras viajas, las toallitas bronceadoras son la opción más práctica. Me gustan las Self-Tanning Towelettes de Kate Somerville, que son excelentes para tu cara y cuerpo. Usen las toallitas igual que usarían un autobronceador normal y esperen unas horas hasta que se desarrolle el color.

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  1. Madeline Brady
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    I love you blog since becoming a mom! Thanks!

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  3. Lulu Valdez
    May 10, 2019 / 2:39 pm

    Your recommendations are great!! I swear by Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze and Glow Face Mask 😉

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  7. May 10, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    Justo cuando lo necesito jajaj, gracias por las recomendaciones Pau!! Siempre batallo para escoger un buen self-tanning, sobre todo por el olor que tienen o porque termino manchándome 😂🙄 pero es una necesidad para personas tan blancas (como yo) y más en verano #thestruggle. Btw, súper las toallitas!! Happy mother’s day!
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    • Karen
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      Happy Mother’s Day and I love being a mom as well! Never in a million years could I have imagined the love I have for my little boy. 💙💙💙 He is my whole world and all I want for Mother’s Day is to spend the entire day with him and say a new word to me.

      IG: @iamkaren.p

  10. Virginia G.
    May 10, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Thanks for the recommendations! I need to try them! 😍 & Feliz día de las madres! I think that the best Mother’s Day gift will be a day off, a spa day to relax since I am a mom 24/7, 7 days a week. 😝 I mean i love my little boy pero aveces se necesita un respiro haha 💆🏻‍♀️

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    I’ve used the St. Tropez for the longest time now! Love to see the different products you use and too hope to try them soon!

    Also, happy mother’s day 🌸

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  12. Vanessa
    May 10, 2019 / 2:54 pm

    I’ve used the St. Tropez for the longest time now! Love to see the different products you use and too hope to try them soon! #FreebieFriday

    Also, happy mother’s day 🌸

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    I love following you since you became a mom! The best u could get this mother’s day is a day at the spa & a homemade meal from my hubby!
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  17. May 10, 2019 / 3:09 pm

    I swear by those Kaye Somerville tan towels for travel, too! I usually try to self-tan before a trip but sometimes time gets away from me what with packing and everything. So I always keep one in my suitcase just in case! Actually I am on the way to the airport now and this exact thing happened so I’ll be using one of those when we get to the hotel tonight!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and feel so appreciated and loved!

    It’s my first Mother’s Day and all I really want is a cheesy craft and to spend time with my boys! As a working mom, weekends are such a treasured time as a family!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  18. Andrea Darst
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    Happy Mother’s Day to all hard worker moms! 🌷

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    Happy Mother’s Day, Paola! I am seven months pregnant with my second child. The greatest gift I could have this mother’s day is enjoying time with my two year old son and husband. They are planting roses for me in our garden and I intend to sit on the porch and drink lemonade!
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  50. May 11, 2019 / 11:10 am

    This is a trend that i’m so hesitant to get into.
    I feel like i’ll come out looking orange & blotchy! haha

    But I”m ALL about the glow!
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  53. May 12, 2019 / 8:48 am

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    If you had to pick an absolute favorite from the list which one would it be?


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