It’s Monday, suit up!


It’s Monday, suit up! Mondays, thanks to society are known to be the unspoken enemy of all mankind. Let’s face it, we had to say our goodbyes to the weekend and say an angry hello to five long days of work. The only thing that can make a Monday better is a great outfit.

Starting out the week with a fresh solid outfit changes your attitude, which then reflects the choices we make and most importantly, the energy we attract. So next time you want to receive Monday with negative energy, remember to welcome the week with great enthusiasm, enormous hope and an amazing outfit! I’m off to conquer this week, but before I go, here is a quote to get your day going (it’s one of my all time fav) “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. ” Thanks for stopping by! xo,p.

hm_blazer_paola_alberdi2 hm_blazer_paola_alberdi5 hm_blazer_paola_alberdi4 hm_blazer_paola_alberdi3

Wearing: H&M Blazer | Forever 21 Pink T-shirt | One Teaspoon Jeans | Stuart Weitzman Nudist | Dior Sunglasses | Capwell Co. 

Photos were taken by Henry Young



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