Pink Lady

I may not have a whole crew of pink ladies, but I’ll settle for this coat! I actually wanted to purposefully post this look today because I am on my way to New York City and this coat got me so excited and in the mood for cold winter weather! Finally! I do have to admit that even though it’s been warm during the day in San Diego, it does gets chilly in the evenings and I have had a ton of events and some holiday parties, so I have been finding excuses to wear my favorite winter pieces, like this jaw-dropping coat from Maximilian Furs at Bloomingdale’s. It is so beautiful and it definitely stands out. I really liked the quilted lining on the inside too. I thought that was unique for a fur coat and made it so warm and comfy. I am still obsessing over the photos from this shoot. This coat is just so elegant and feminine yet super cool. I am already imagining of a million different ways I want to wear it. Anyway, as you read this, I am probably on a plane on my way to New York and so excited to shoot more cozy winter content there. Stay tuned!

Puede que no tenga un grupo completo de “pink ladies,” ¡pero me conformaré con este abrigo! Justo hoy quería publicar este look porque estoy en camino a Nueva York y este abrigo me emocionó tanto de voy en camino al frío de verdad. ¡Por fin! Me imagino que vivir donde hay nieve no le emocione tanto a la gente de ahi pero como solo voy unos días a mi se me emociona! Tengo que admitir que aunque durante el día en San Diego hace calorcito todavía, hace frío por las noches y he tenido bastantes eventos y algunas fiestas, así que he encontrado excusas para usar mis prendas de invierno favoritas, como este abrigo impresionanre de Maximilian Furs en Bloomingdale’s. Es tan hermoso y definitivamente llamativo. Me gustó mucho el forro acolchonado del interior también. Se me hizo algo diferente para un abrigo de piel y lo hace super calientito y cómodo. Estoy obsesionada con las fotos de esta sesión. Este abrigo simplemente es demasiado elegante y femenino pero me encanta que también se ve super bien con jeans. Ya me estoy imaginando un millón de maneras diferentes en que quiero usarlo. En fin, mientras leen esto, probablemente estoy en un avión camino a Nueva York y estoy muy emocionada de poder tomar buen contenido de invierno! ¡Manténganse al tanto en mis redes sociales!

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  1. Paola
    December 19, 2017 / 10:38 pm

    Ame el look!!! Y muy linda tu como siempre 😊💖

  2. February 14, 2022 / 11:34 pm

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  3. jerry
    April 4, 2023 / 11:22 pm

    Finally! Although San Diego has been warm during the day, it has been chilly at night. Since I have a lot of events and holiday gatherings coming up, I have been looking for reasons to wear my favourite winter clothing, like this stunning coat.

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  4. August 28, 2023 / 6:57 am

    These are the most adorable squirrels I’ve ever seen!!! You did such a great job decorating them!!! And the cutter itself is such a beautiful shape!
    I was looking for a squirrel cutter for some time but in my count대구출장샵ry there in no nice squirrel cutters available 🙁 (only two or three shapes but I like neither of them). Probably this one is not available in my country either but just to be sure, can you, please, tell me what’s the brand of it and/or where have you bought it?
    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us 🙂

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