Put a scarf on it!

Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 4

Hallo! Goedemorgen! (Good morning!) ok fine, enough with the dutch. Today I am writing to you from lovely Amsterdam, man is it cold here!! (make sure to follow me on snap chat and you can explore it too! @blankitinerary.

The bandana/silk scarf is a very french, minimalistic touch that can add so much to a simple outfit. So today, I decided to pair it up with a simple light blue sweater and my Hart denim jeans.  A silk scarf can add so much character to an outfit without even trying. Simple yet so chic. I hope this outfit inspires you to explore your options and to try out wearing a silk scarf too. As always, thank you all for you amazing comments and good vibes. I woke up feeling so loved by all your comments on my 100k photo on Instagram. I read each and every one of the comments every day and they literally make my day. Hope you have a great Tuesday! xx p.

Hallo! Goedemorgen! (Buenos dias!) Llevo un par de horas en Amsterdam y ya me creo holadesa.  Hoy amaneci Amsterdam y no se imaginan el frio!! No se les olvide seguirme en snap chat para ver la ciudad. El mes pasado me compre una mascada en hermes y la verdad ahorita es mi accesorio favorito. Una mascada, levanta cualquier ajuar minimalista y le da un toque muy fino. Espero este look los inspire a tratar de tratar de usar una mascada, ya que ahorita esta muy de moda! Hoy amaneci muy contenta y les quiero agradecer por sus mensajes tan bonitos en la foto de 100k en instagram. Todo los dias me levanto y leo sus comentarios. Se los juro que me hacen mi dia! Les mando un besote y como siempre gracias por sus comentarios y buenas vibras! Que tengan bonito martes, xx. p.

Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 1 Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 5 Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 3 Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 6 Blank Itinerary x Hermes Scarf - 2

Wearing: Rhapsodia Sweater | Hart Denim | Madewell Mules | Hermes Scarf (similar) |  Volu Joyas Ring

Photos were taken by Henry Young



  1. October 20, 2015 / 8:58 am

    I love wearing neck scarfs at the moment, I have one similar to this but in navy. And yes Europe is very cold at the moment haha, enjoy x


  2. October 20, 2015 / 9:34 am

    Oh that’s so cute girl!

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