Wearing: FOREVER 21 Trench |  THE SHOPAHOLIC BOUTIQUE Romper | SAKS OFF FIFTH pumps (similar here) | URBAN OUTFITTERS Skylar | CELINE Handbag

It’s funny how you can pass by the same street everyday and not notice something until one day someone points it out to you. Happened to you before? Well this happened to me a few weeks ago, with the cutest little boutique called The Shopaholic’s Boutique, if the name doesn’t give it away, it really is a shopaholics haven. It’s right smack in the middle of Little Italy and for one reason or another I had never noticed this hidden gem. As soon as you walk in, you can tell they thrive on having unique pieces that sets them apart from the other typical stores; where you see the exact same dress at three different locations with different price points. Here, you can shop freely and be rest assured that no one will be wearing the same dress at that thing you have tomorrow night. If you are a local, make sure to stop by soon, and if not, they also have a website, where you can order online.
But WAIT, there’s more:
The TheShopaholic Boutique and I decided to team up, so you could have a chance to win a $50.00 giftcard. Head over to my instagram @blank_itinerary to enter the gift card giveaway and for more details! I will be showing off their amazing clothes this week, so stay tuned and don’t forget to enter the gift card give away! Goodluck!
Brought to you by Shopaholic Boutique.



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    Discovering hidden gems like The Shopaholic’s Boutique is indeed a delightful surprise! It’s amazing how something can escape our notice until pointed out. This boutique sounds like a haven for unique fashion finds, offering a refreshing break from the typical mass-produced items. The allure of exclusive pieces adds a special charm to the shopping experience. Whether visiting in person or browsing their website, it’s an invitation to explore individual style with confidence.

  3. It’s remarkable how something can go unnoticed until it’s brought to our attention. This boutique sounds like a haven for those seeking unique fashion pieces, offering a refreshing break from the monotony of mass-produced items. Whether in person or online, it’s definitely worth exploring for those looking to add some individuality to their wardrobe.

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