School Girl

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Wearing: Forever 21 Black Dress | Zara White Collared Shirt (similar here)| Forever 21 Oxford Shoes | Chanel Boy | Cartier Francaise | Rayban Clubmaster

There is nothing more satisfying than having the perfect LBD (little black dress) in your closet. The search ended when I found this dress at Forever 21. I am seriously considering buying myself a new one, because I wear it so much! I promise to do a three way outfit post soon, with this outfit, but for now you can see how I have styled it here and here. Yesterday, I decided to style it with the ongoing trend, “School girl”. I went to a private school when I was growing up, so uniforms were my second skin, therefore, you can see why I love this look. I am leaving for San Francisco this weekend, so I can’t wait for it to be Friday, but ughh, it’s barely Tuesday. I hope this week goes by fast for the both of us. Do you have any recommendations for San Francisco? Shops, good restaurants, things to do? xo, p.

No hay nada que te de mas satisfacción que encontrar un buen vestido negro. Yo termine mi busqueda cuando encontre este vestido en Forever 21. Lo uso tanto, que estoy pensando comprarme otro igualito. Les prometo publicar un post pronto sobre las diferentes maneras que me he puesto este vestido, pero por mientras pueden ver las fotos aqui y aqui. Ayer decidi ponerme lo al estilo de la moda de ahorita que es “La nina del colegio”. Yo fui a escuela privada casi toda la vida, entonces use uniforme hasta que me gradue de la prepa. Creo que por eso me encanta tanto este look. Me voy a San Francisco este viernes, pero apenas es martes! Espero se nos vaya rapido esta semana, si tienen recomendaciones para San Francisco, ya sea una tienda, restaurante o de mas, me avisan plis? xo, p. 

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  1. Daniela Beltrones
    October 22, 2014 / 6:07 am

    Dinner at Hakkasan!! If you are around Berkeley def top dog. Great Eastern restaurant at chinatown is the best, too!

  2. Tif
    July 21, 2022 / 5:03 pm

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