Spa day at home


I have to admit that I have been laughing at the “take her to the pool on the first date” memes.

If you haven’t seen them, it’s basically a girl looking amazing with makeup on and then looking not so great without it with that caption. I am all about natural beauty but I’m not going to lie, make-up is fun and yes it works wonders! During the week, I have a lot of photo-shoots, meetings, events and projects and usually have to wear a lot of makeup and products on my face. That is why on the weekends, at the very least during the day, I like to take extra care of my skin and just let it breathe.

I am always trying different products and seeing what works best for my skin and sharing with you! The beauty and skin care world can sometimes be overwhelming so I hope I can share some of the stuff that works for me.

On lazy weekend mornings, I love putting on a good face mask and relaxing. I love Avon and have been trying some of their newly launched products. I really recommend the Clinical Extra Strength Peel Pads. They work wonders on removing dead skin cells, healing blemishes and acne scars and just making your face smoother and brighter. My skin feels amazing afterwards!

I followed up with the Avon Anew AHA Refining Cream to help unblock any pores and moisturize my face. Good moisturizing is key for healthy skin! I am always on the look out for moisturizers that work well with my skin since I do suffer from dry skin.

I have heard great things about serums but never really have consistently used one.  You apply a serum after your cleanser but before you moisturize in order to deliver powerful ingredients to your skin. Serums usually work for specific skin-care issues, like wrinkles for example. The Avon Vitamin C Serum I have been using is intended to really combat aging and dull skin. I think of it as preventative care which you can never have enough of!

Overall, taking care of your skin is crucial so I hope you enjoyed this skin care testimonial from one girl to another!

You can check out the Avon products I talked about here.

IMG_0476 IMG_0478 IMG_0484 IMG_0481 IMG_0475 IMG_0477 IMG_0480

Thanks to Avon for sponsoring this post.



  1. Michelle Joseph
    July 11, 2016 / 5:22 am

    I love Avon!

    Mich x

  2. viktoria
    July 11, 2016 / 1:55 pm

    Amazing post! so beautiful pics

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