The Best Summer Accessories from Amazon

I think we can all agree Summer 2020 has not been what we’ve expected. We’ve all had to cancel plans, postpone travel and make social distancing our new normal. But hey, let’s make the best of it! Of course part of me is sad I haven’t hopped on a 12-hour plane somewhere tropical, but honestly, it has really been nice to take things slower at home. For now, you can catch me embracing summer with some new vacation-inspired accessories–all from Amazon!

Creo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que el verano de 2020 no ha sido lo que esperábamos. Todos hemos tenido que cancelar planes, posponer viajes y acostumbrar a vivir con distanciamiento social. Pero bueno, ¡hay que sacar lo mejor de esta situación! Por supuesto, una parte de mí está triste porque no he podido irme de viaje a algún lugar tropical, pero, sinceramente, he disfrutado tomar las cosas con más calma en casa y aprovechar lo que pueda de San Diego. Por ahora, puedes estoy disfrutando el verano con algunos accesorios nuevos inspirados en viaje tropical, ¡todo de Amazon!


You can’t summer without a straw hat! Not only does it protect your face from sun damage (a must!), but it’s also super chic. I love this bucket hat type straw hat, but also love more classic ones like wide brim fedoras or a boater hat!


Okay, by now you guys know I LOVE my colorful jewelry. Gold jewelry is beautiful and all, but there’s nothing like adding a pop of color to make everything feel more summery and fun! From beads to colorful shells to fabric bracelets to bright tassels, here are all my faves from Amazon!


Spending time by the beach, the pool or on a boat are some of the few things that feel normal this summer. Your new favorite chic, yet super practical summer accessory is a colorful beach towel. I found so many cute ones on Amazon from stripes, to florals, to tie dye to leopard!


I’ve already crowned myself the queen of sunglasses because I love them so much. This summer some of my favorite sunglass trends are white cat eyes, mirrored lenses, square frames and of course anything in a statement color!


Nothing says summer like a beach bag! I love big straw totes because I can fit everything I need (+a few extras for Enzo and H). There are a ton of affordable ones I found on Amazon for as inexpensive as $25, so I’ll link all my favorites below!



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