The Seabourn Experience

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Little over a month ago, I lived the Seabourn Experience. Anxious and nervous at first, thinking to my self, will I get sea sick? Will I feel claustrophobic, will the food be good? Common thoughts for a cruise rookie, but as I arrived at the Copenhagen port, and went aboard this majestic ship, all my worries slipped away. As I walked through the common dinning area with marble pilars and floor to ceiling windows, I arrived to the Atrium, a long swirl stair case, that led to all the floors of the cruise. We were lucky enough to get upgraded to the Penthouse Spa Suite, which is a room in the Spa, meaning you get your own card to access the spa amenities as often as you’d like. I know, right e’rrday all day. The installations on this ship are just breathtaking, the food is exquisite but the best part of all; the sunsets. The never-ending summer nights as they say. Sunsets where at 10 pm, and there was only 4 hours of complete darkness. Funny fact, the day after the cruise ended, Hector and I were strolling around Stockholm on our bikes, and all of a sudden he stopped and just as the Green Aliens in Toy Story fascinated over the claw, he stood there and pointed “THE MOON.”  At that time we realized we had not seen the moon for seven days.  Overall the Seabourn Experience should definitely be on your bucketlist.

**Special thanks to Seabourn Quest for having us and making our stay so memorable.

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  1. Rosita Chávez
    July 13, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    What suite were you in? loved this post!

  2. September 5, 2023 / 2:50 am

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