The Skin Care Product I’ve Used the Longest

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There are so many skin care brands and products that I absolutely love and work really well for my skin. I love trying new products but there are a couple that have been with me for a while. People always ask me about my skin care routine and how many steps are in it and I feel like sometimes we get bombarded with so many things it can be confusing to know where to start in your skin care journey.

If there is one product that I would recommend for anyone serious about taking care of their skin it’s SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. In Asia, it has been around for decades and is even called the “miracle water.” It’s a nutrient-packed fluid that delivers concentrated active ingredients to transform your skin. I started using it after my pregnancy and it drastically helped me with my melasma and helped even my skin tone. I have found that the best way to apply it is to pour a little in my hands and gently tap in onto my face.

Facial Treatment Essence is a powerful essence packed with 90% PITERA, which is the secret ingredient of this product. PITERA is derived from a natural fermentation process of a special yeast strain that is exclusive to SK-II. The fascinating story behind PITERA began with a quest to understand why elderly sake brewers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. Their hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process which kept their hands looking young!

I honestly swear by this product and it is the only thing that hasn’t changed in my skin care routine in the last three years. If you want to simplify your skin care routine while making sure you are using something that works, this is my recommendation.



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    August 27, 2022 / 4:16 am

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    August 27, 2022 / 4:31 am

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