The Trend that is Taking Over this Fall


It’s time to raid your grandpa’s closet and channel your inner Chandler because sweater vests are going to be huge this fall. I noticed this trend on the runway back in February and it has officially begun to take over Instagram. I am seeing so many great ways to style this grandpa staple into a full-blown fashion statement! If you think you may not be able to pull off this look, here is proof of the many chic ways you can style your grandpa’s sweater vest. Sharing my favorites so you can shop! I just bought this one from H&M and this one from Amazon and am waiting for cooler days to finally wear them!

Es hora de esculcar el closet de tu abuelo y sacar a tu “Chandler” interior porque los chalecos vienen con todo este otoño. Noté esta tendencia en la pasarela en febrero y oficialmente ha empezado a salir en todo Instagram. ¡He visto tantas maneras tan padres de incorporar esta prenda básica de abuelito en tu estilo de esta temporada! Si creen que no les quedaría esta tendencia, aquí tienen varios ejemplos fáciles para lucir el chaleco de tu abuelo. ¡Les comparto mis favoritos para que puedan comprar! ¡Acabo de comprar este de H&M y este de Amazon y estoy esperando días más fríos para por fin poder usarlos!

Oversized Is Not Over

Give me anything oversized and I will have fun. My favorite part about fall and winter fashion is getting creative with layering. Go for an oversized vest or oversized blouse to get that mini dress look.


Jeans Never Fail

So many fun ways to style with jeans. Wear with sneakers for a more retro look. You can’t go wrong.


Collared Blouse

I’ve been seeing so many people style with a classic collared blouse which is definitely a go-to but if you want to try something bold, go for an oversized pilgrim collar.



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