Vacation Essentials

I’m off to the beach!  I can already hear the ocean waves crashing and feel the sand on my skin. As I was packing, I thought why not snap a quick pic and talk to you guys about my must haves to the beach!
Passport cover! First things first, always carry your passport on vacations, even if your trip is domestic. You never know, God forbid you loose your wallet, at least you have a way back home. I bought mine a few years back at Louis Vuitton and it has kept up very nicely. It has slots inside to put your cash and credit card, so it easily be your wallet on trips.
Whats a vacation without a Panama Hat? They are perfect for tanning, or strolls on the beach, and it gives a boost to any outfit. When traveling, I always wear my hat to the airport so that it doesn’t get damaged in the suitcase and to sport some airport style duh.

Your favorite sunnies! If you have followed me around lately, you already know these are Raybans Retro Sunglasses are quickly becoming my all time favorites. These are more of a classic, timeless look, but polarized sunglasses for the beach are always fun too. Either way you can’t forget them!
Sandals! Truth be told, I am actually not the biggest fans of sandals. Last year, I fought the birkenstock trend long and hard until I finally gave in. Obviously my feet thanked me for that! This year, the embellished sandals are very much in style, so you will be seeing them everywhere. My Michael Kors Embellished sandals, are so comfy yet chic. Shop some of my favorite sandals this season below.
Cut-off shorts! I am always on the lookout for new cut off shorts, but somehow I always end up for Levi’s. I buy mine at Urban outfitters, and since it’s from their Urban Renewal line, they always know how to rip them perfectly. When I shop for cut off shorts, I always make sure the pockets are long, so they can hang out when worn.
Bikinis! What is it about bikinis that make us go loco? I wear one pieces, and bikinis, but my favorite are the high waisted bottoms. These babies have been around since the 50s, and they are still coming strong. I recently received this Zinke Swimsuit in the mail and I can’t wait to wear it.  Shop the new Zinke Swimwear collection here. 
B&B surf spray! My hair is naturally straight, so I am constantly looking for hair products that can give me more volume without making my hair sticky and stiff. This is my favorite product ever, I have been using it for years, and there is nothing else on the market I would rather use. When at the beach, you get surf hair naturally, but it always nice to have it around.
Music! ” I’m in love with that coco…” what would a beach vacation be without music? Heck, what would life be without music? A very sad world, thats for sure. I am currently in love with my new Skull Candy knockout headphones. The design is so fresh and cool. Headphones are a must when traveling, especially on those long airplane rides. I know I will be using mine all throughout the trip.

So there you have my essentials for your perfect beach vacation, plus don’t forget to bring a smile and great attitude. I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @blank_itinerary to follow me along my adventures. Can you guess where I am going? Stay tuned, I will post it very soon. xx, p.



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