Vogue Interview: Blank itinerary’s wardrobe


Last month, Vogue Mexico & Latino America asked if I could give them a tour of my wardrobe. My first thought was, ” Sh*t, I have to clean my closet” as I nodded and said yes. The truth of it all, is that in fact, this tidiness is once in a lifetime a experience. It’s definitely going on my wish board so I can aspire to be an OCD freak one day. In the meantime, packages come in and out of my apartment all the time, new clothing, new collabs, so it’s hard to keep everything into place, let alone the same place. Then to top it all off, I have this thing with switching my clothes into different racks. So, this month I will have my jackets and blazers on the bottom rack and then maybe next month I will place some on the top rack and some on the other side. Am I the only one that does this? See the complete Vogue interview here.


Spring has sprung! So that means it’s time for you to do a spring cleaning. Yes, you! As the old folks would say, “Out with the old and in with the new!” So to help you out, I have made a wishlist of my fav items this season. I have noticed that it’s always easier to say goodbye to clothes when you have new one to make room for.  Shop my entire wishlist here.

(PLUS, most of these items are on sale. THANKS MEMORIAL DAY! )

Shoes & Accessories:




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