Who to Follow for the Best Home Inspo

There’s something about home decor and interior design that stops me from scrolling right past a post on Instagram. Of course my IG homepage is mostly fashion and travel, so I always like to see some home inspo for a change. I’m always getting ideas for future home decor projects and saving cool home posts to my saved albums! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or simply love home decor, here are my favorite Instagram accounts to follow!


image via @thedesignchaser

You can’t go wrong with a neutral home. Sticking to a tonal color palette always looks clean and sophisticated and takes the guesswork out of wondering if something will match. I have a lot of neutrals in my home, so I’m constantly inspired by these IG accounts: @citysage and @thedesignchaser. For neutral home inspo from non-interior designers: @sivanayla and @valerie_star. I love how they both make affordable finds from HomeGoods, Target and the flea market look chic.


image via @emmamelins

I love the scandinavian minimal home aesthetic. Sometimes I wish I could redecorate my whole home like this, but I know it wouldn’t exactly fit my lifestyle or my home. I am inspired my many aspects of scandi-design like line art, wood accents and neutral colors. One under the radar account I love is @emmamelins. A bigger account with never ending minimal home inspo is @scandinavianhomes.


image via @ashleytstark

Marble, gold accents, leather chairs, chandeliers–I could probably look at luxe living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens all day long. I love LA interior designer @ryansaghian’s eye for ultra luxe, modern pieces. Another designer you need to follow is @ashleytstark. She has the best eye for statement seating and wall art.


image via @em_henderson

Love a fun pop of color in your home? Then you need follow @dabito, the master of bringing in colorful walls, a statement couch and an eclectic gallery wall. For a more subtle way of playing with color, @em_henderson is the one to follow. She’s more about colorful accent pillows and playing up white walls with paint or wall paper.


image via @lonnymag

If you’re not really sure what your style is but still want to see tons of pretty home inspo, I have a bunch of accounts you can follow for a little bit of everything. Some of my favorites for all around home and design inspo are @lonnymag, @mydomaine, @dwellmagazine and @archdigest!




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