Why everyone is talking about Retinol?

You’ve probably seen or heard the word “retinol” thrown around quite often. You know it’s something for your skin and that you should be using it but do you know why or what it is? Let’s get right to it. What’s all the buzz with retinol?

Retinol is the #1 most searched skin care ingredient on Google and it’s one the most recommended ingredients by dermatologists. Including retinol in your skin care routine is important because basically, retinol helps create more collagen which plumps your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and even helps even out your skin tone.

Common problems that a lot of women encounter with retinol products is that it can irritate your skin and they can be expensive. Good skin care shouldn’t have to break the bank! A couple of weeks ago I showed you that I received Olay’s new Retinol24 collection which includes a serum, an eye cream and a moisturizer which all contain vitamin B3 and Olay’s Retinol Complex which includes two types of retinol.

I have been out the moisturizer for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t had any irritation and I really love how hydrating it feels. I love the texture of it and how hydrating it makes my skin feel. I have noticed that just using the moisturizer alone has made my skin feel smoother and brighter and the best part is that Olay’s retinol products only cost $28.99! Retinol doesn’t have to irritate your skin to work, but everyone’s skin is different. The thing about skin care is you have to be consistent and patient to see results long-term. Make sure you are incorporating some retinol in your routine and stick to it!

Thank you Olay for sponsoring this post.


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    Wow That’s a lot of tips. Thanks for wrangling them all!

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