5 perfect cups of happiness

Blank itinerary wearing reformation top with a sign behind her saying HOLA

Good morning loves! It’s Sunday, ahh just by simply saying it, it  puts a smile on my face. Sundays are always bittersweet, though, dont’cha think? It is amazing to wake up and know that you can stay home all day in PJs, and catch up on all your tv series, YET in the back of your mind, you know that tomorrow is on its way, a day full of emails, calls, and headaches. I have decided to share my top five coffee shops in San Diego so that you can start off your Monday with a smile.

A sip out of a flavourful, caffeinated drink is exactly what marks out the rest of your day. So instead of killing your Sunday-Monday mojo, please enjoy these recommendations that will have you for once, hoping it was Monday (ok maybe not hoping, but at least looking forward to it?).

Wearing: Reformation Top (similar here) | Forever 21 Skirt | Raybans | Chloe Mules | Lucky brand Jacket (similar here) | Wanderlust Bracelet 

detail shot of a criss cross body suit and jean jacket around the waist blank itinerary looking back at the camera blank itinerary wearing reformation top, forever 21 skirt and lucky brand jean jacket blank itinerary forever 21 detailed shot IMG_0086_2Blank itinerary taking a picture of her coffee and clothes

# 1 Lofty Coffee 

Ok, if you guys follow me on Snapchat, you obviously know this place is my all time favorite. Lofty coffee offers authentically crafted coffee, an awesome atmosphere, and incredibly good natural food.

How Blank itinerary orders her coffee: “Iced Soy Salted Caramel Latte with half of the sweetener”

If she’s hungry, which she always is, she orders: “Poached Eggs with Gluten Free bread and avocado” (to die for!!)

#2 Influx Coffee

This place screams Scandinavia! The modern decor, the artsy hipster crowd and strong coffee. Easy does it! My go to location is Little Italy.

How Blank itinerary orders her coffee: “Iced Soy Latte”

If she’s hungry, which she always is, she orders: “Croissant Melt 2 with avocado”

#3 Cafe Bassam 

Cafe Bassam definitely has a larger variety of teas, but they also have great coffee. A room full books, jars and vintage furniture gives you a feeling like no other. Great place to visit if you are actually there to work and don’t want third party conversations.

How Blank itinerary orders her coffee: “Soy white chocolate mocha”

If she’s hungry, which she always is, she orders: I actually have never eaten here, if you have let me know your fav!

#4 Better Buzz

ahhh, this place has  “The Best Drink Ever”, no literally that’s what it’s called!

How Blank itinerary orders her coffee: “The Best Drink Ever” yes, soy.

#5 James Coffee

A coffee place slash, eyewear shop, barber shop, vintage furniture shop all in one combination in an old, airy warehouse definitely gives it an urbanism feel to it.

Blank itinerary’s choice: Ughhh don’t hate me guys, love the coffee, but this place brews its chai latte so I have to go with the almond milk iced chai latte for the win.

If she’s hungry, which she always is, she orders: The chocolate chip cookie, ahhhmazing.


Did I miss your favorite? Let me know below, I am always up to try a new place! Happy Sunday loves, xx, p.





  1. Chris Pannek
    July 26, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    way to sell out. ive lived in East Village for 4 years and never heard of one of these places… f your bs! h8rs Gonna h8

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