8 Months of Being a Mom: Q&A

I promised an English version so here it is!My video last week on my YouTube channel was all about my experience with motherhood. I answered some of the most common questions I have received from you all. I really want to cater to both my English and Spanish speakers on all my social media channels. So, I hope everyone understands that some videos will be in English and some in Spanish. At least for now, that’s what I think works best. But, since this was such a requested video, I decided to summarize and translate the video here in blog post form. I will embed the video in Spanish also for anyone who missed it! Thanks so much for sending in your questions! Feel free to ask anything else. Once I have more questions stored up, I can do another video.

Prometí una versión en inglés, ¡así que aquí está! Mi video de la semana pasada en mi canal de YouTube trataba sobre mi experiencia con la maternidad. Respondí algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes que he recibido de todos ustedes. Realmente quiero atender a mis seguidores hispanohablantes y a los que hablan inglés en todas mis redes sociales. Entonces, espero que todos entiendan que algunos videos serán en inglés y algunos en español. Al menos por ahora, eso es lo que creo que funciona mejor. Pero, dado que este era un video muy solicitado, decidí resumir y traducir este video aquí a ingles en forma de blog. ¡También incluyo el video en español para cualquiera que se lo haya perdido! ¡Muchas gracias por enviar sus preguntas! Cualquier otra preguntar por favor déjenme saber. Una vez que tenga más preguntas acumuladas, puedo hacer otro video.


Question #1: What is that necklace Enzo wears for?

Many of you have asked about the necklace Enzo wears. It’s an amber teething necklace which basically is supposed to help babies with teething, drooling, it works as an anti-inflammatory and much more. A lot of people worry if it’s dangerous. I am not a doctor or a nurse. I’m a mom and I based on the research I did, I am confident there is nothing dangerous about it. Just make sure it’s made of real amber. I bought this one on Amazon for like $30. I do notice more than anything, that it helps Enzo control his drooling. Of course he drools, but seriously, he drools so much more when he is not wearing it. I take it off at night and put it back on in the morning.

Question #2: How did you get rid of the black line on your stomach?

Well, believe it or not, I still have it. It’s been 8 months and you can still see it a little. I haven’t really done anything special to get rid of it. A lot of people have told me to exfoliate a lot there to get rid of the old skin cells. If you know of anything that works, I am all ears. For now, I am embracing it.

Question #3: What was the first thing you fed Enzo?

Some of the first foods we gave him was avocado, apples, carrots. We started off with a lot of veggies like squash, zucchini, broccoli. Then we started giving him “sweeter” things like apples, bananas and other fruits. Now, honestly, he eats almost anything. Protein-wise, I have only given him chicken.

Question #4: At what age did you start giving Enzo food?

We started giving him food when he was 6.5 months. They say you can start giving babies food once they are 4.5 months but we decided to wait just a little longer just because he was doing well with the milk and it just kind of happened that way. No real reason in particular. We started off obviously, with puréed food and now we give him little tiny pieces of food so that he practices the pincer grab and his motor skills.

Questions #5: Do you do any type of special sleep training?

Enzo does not sleep through the night yet. He has slept through the night a couple of times but it a rare thing. We never really had a specific schedule or did any kind of sleep training. He does sleep with us in our bed. We do have a routine. By now, he knows that around 7 pm we give him a bath and a massage every night and that after that it’s bedtime. It is recommended that you have a routine each night so that they start learning that it’s time to sleep. He loves to take a bath and he’ll laugh and play but as soon we put lotion or oil on his body and he knows that the day is over and he’ll make a switch and starts wanting his milk. He sleeps until 4 am when he wakes up screaming and crying as if we are trying to starve him to death. We have a milk ready for him and he will go back to sleep pretty quickly until 6:30-7:00 am when is when the day starts because he won’t go back to sleep.

Question #6: What product do you recommend for bathing?

I literally bought the cheapest tub from Fisher Price and we love it.  Another brand actually sent me a rather expensive one but I honestly like the Fisher Price tub so much more. I like that they have like a cloth that you use for when they are infants which you can take off when the grow and you are just left with the tub. This product is a must in my opinion.

Question #7: How did you choose clothes when you were pregnant?

I was only able to find two pairs of maternity jeans that fit me and that I actually liked. Honestly, until I was about 6 months pregnant, I was able to wear my own clothes or just looser shirts. I never really found a maternity brand that I liked. There was one called Hatch, that’s available on Shopbop that I liked. They had cute things. Other than that, I honestly just bought larger sizes. I was usually an XS or S so I would just buy M or L. Enzo was born in the summer, so I mostly wore loose, comfy dresses, which was amazing.

Question #8: How are you going to manage both languages with Enzo?

A lot of people ask me what language I speak to Enzo in and how I am going to manage the bilingual situation. I am basically going to do what my parents did with me. At home, we speak Spanish and once he starts school, he will learn English there. Since we live in the US, he will be surrounded by English his whole life and trust me, you pick it up so quickly at that age in school so it’s important to us that he doesn’t lose his Spanish and that is why at home we only speak Spanish with him.

Question #9: What is your advice for preparing and packing your hospital bag?

As a first time mom, I feel like you go on Pinterest and on a million blogs and websites and at the end of the day, you really don’t end up using anything. For me, obviously, the situation was a bit different, since Enzo was in the NICU for 3 weeks. We didn’t get to take him home right away and I didn’t get to put him in the “going home” outfit I had brought for him. But really, from my experience and what I noticed, the only thing you really need as a mom for the couple of days you might be in the hospital and recuperating, is a warm sweater or robe. Hospitals are so cold and obviously they have blankets there but it’s nice to have your own things and feel comfortable. I had read you needed like all these oils and things for post-pregnancy care but honestly, they give you everything there. They even give you diapers there and the baby is wrapped in a blanket almost all the time because they are checkin up on him often. The only other thing I would  take is just an outfit to take your baby home in and clothes for your husband.

Question #10: How did Enzo start crawling so early?

What I have noticed with friends who have babies around the same age, is that all babies are different. Enzo is very advanced with all his motor skills. He crawls and stands up but on the other hand, he is a bit behind on his verbal skills. I have a friend who’s baby is 10 months old and just doesn’t want to crawl and she will probably skip that step. It’s not recommended but it’s not the end of the world. Since Enzo was born, we put him on tummy-time a lot, to get him used to it. If you don’t start early, they don’t like it later and they just cry all the time.

Question #11: How was your experience breastfeeding?

I breastfed for 5.5 months. I think this is a very personal decision and a bit of a controversial topic. It’s very difficult and it takes a lot out of you. You have to be very patient with yourself and your baby, especially at the beginning. I never had so much respect for women who breastfed until I went through it. I always thought “how hard could it be?” So yes, it is difficult and takes a lot of time and energy, but it’s a sacrifice you make for the well-being of your baby. I don’t judge women who decide not to breastfeed because I know how hard it can be and also some women just cannot produce enough milk for their baby. I just try to do my own thing and let other women do their own thing. Everyone just tries to find what works for them. People tell me that I should have breastfed a year or even 6 months but it’s what worked for me and honestly, I got to a point where I wasn’t producing enough milk, Enzo’s teeth started coming in, and I began working more and so we started supplementing with formula.

Question #12: What has been the hardest part about balancing your career with being a mom?

The hardest thing for me and I feel like in general for most moms is that feeling of guilt when you can’t be with your baby or give him or her 100% of your time and attention. Personally, I have to travel a lot for work and believe me, I have limited my travels to only what is completely necessary and I try to make them as short as possible. I enjoy working and I don’t want to give up my career, but I also feel so guilty when I have to leave him. Or even when I am at home and I need to get some things done or even just have breakfast and I put him in his play pen and he starts crying, I feel guilty. Maybe it’s being a first-time mom thing but it’s really hard because you love them so much you want to be with them all the time but also, you have adult things to do and also it’s important to not forget to have time for yourself! The second thing, would be learning how to manage my time, which kind of plays into the guilt thing. Before, I used to just work all the time and I would go to every trip, every event and now I filter a lot more and have had to learn how to manage my time a lot more efficiently.

Question #13: What did you do to lose all the baby weight?

I get this question so often. So first of all, I gained like 38-39 pounds, which is a lot. Supposedly, you are supposed to gain like 25-35 pounds depending on your weight. I feel like some of it was a lot of liquid I was retaining but still, it was a lot. When I had Enzo, about a week later I had lost a majority of the weight but of course I still had some of the weight, mostly in my l belly. Of course, you lose a lot of muscle and I needed to work out to tone my stomach again. I wouldn’t say I have my pre-pregnancy body back. Yes, I am skinny by nature, but my body definitely changed and also, I am a fashion blogger so I knew what things flattered me and what would help me look thinner though I hadn’t lost all the weight yet. I really didn’t exercise at all while I was pregnant, which maybe would have helped me post-pregnancy but thankfully, I usually eat ver healthy so maybe that helped. Getting back to having a routine has definitely been hard and to be honest even now, I don’t exercise that much! Hopefully chasing after Enzo counts as exercise! I feel like there is a lot of pressure on women to lose all that baby weight quickly and look how they did before they got pregnant as soon as possible and it’s just not that easy for most women! Remember that it took you 9 months for your body to change so much in order to make a baby so at least give yourself 9 months to get back to normal, and if you don’t, then oh well! Our bodies go through so much that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves if we don’t look exactly the same as we used to. For me, I used to be flat chested and I liked not having boobs and now they kind of just stayed there. And then when you finally start feeling more like yourself and (GASP) you even feel sexy again, people bring you down for that because you are “now a mom.” I uploaded a photo a while ago while I was on a beach vacation wearing high-waisted jeans and a crop top bathing suit and I remember feeling good about myself that day and I actually felt sexy and like a woman again and people went crazy after I posted that photo. I even showed it to my husband and he said I should post it and it’s not like I was showing too much but I just feel like as women we shouldn’t bring each other down like this. Yes I am a mom, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to feel sexy and want to look good. Anyway, sorry for my spiel. Got a little off track but on that note, that concludes this Q&A. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comment section below!



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