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While daytime calls for soft, natural makeup, nighttime begs to differ. Buxom has recently launched their new customizable Eyeshadow bar. With 40 powerfully pigmented shades to choose from, the Eyeshadow Bar can be perfectly customized to meet your individual taste. Plus each individual eyeshadow color is primer infused, helping it last all day long! Today, I team up with Buxom and my friend; makeup artist, Bianca Michel, to show you how easy it is to get two looks with 1 single palette and my favorite 6 eye shadows from Buxom. We will show you how to get a natural beach day look, perfect for the upcoming summer days, and how to add on little more makeup on top of that, for those unexpected date nights!

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Day look:

  1. Use Silk Sheets and dust it all over the lid and bottom lash, buffing it out as you go. Then, with that same color, Buxom Spray total fixation, this will make the color become more pigmented, and dab right in the center of the lid.
  2. Use Gold status, dust into the crease and also dust towards the bottom lid, but not all over the lid, focusing on the crease.
  3. Use Metallic Bronze and dust towards the center of the lid, just focus on the bottom portion of the center of the lid, staying away from the crease. Dust all over the lower lash, on top of the Silk sheets  eyeshadow that you did in the first step.
  4. Use Filthy rich, and lightly buff with a crease brush into the crease. Then dust towards the edges of the lower lash line.
  5. Finish the look using Buxom Show some Skin weightless foundation, Trist blush, Naked True New Lip foundation, “Undressed” Lip pencil, Hot Toddy Lip balm and Buxom Vanity Full and Fabulous mascara.

buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary14 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary15 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary16 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary17 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary18 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary19 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary20 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary21 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary23 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary25 buxom_eyeshadow_palettes_blank_itinerary26

Nighttime look:

  1. Use Giltzy factor and dust it all over the lid, buffing it out as you go. Then, with that same color, wet a blending brush with Buxom Spray total fixation, this will make the color become more pigmented, and buff into the lid. Then apply it to the lower lash line.
  2. Use Filthy rich, and buff into the crease and continue to buff until the eye has enough saturation for it to give it depth illusion.
  3. Use Big Spender, and deepen that crease. Dust on the outer corner of the eye.
  4. To finish, use Filthy rich and buff it out on the lower lash line and if you want to go for a more prominent look, swipe Big Splendor across the lower lash where needed.
  5. To finish it off use True nude lip foundation and then Revealed color lip pencil, Trist blush and Buxom Vanity Full and Fabulous mascara.


As mentioned earlier, you are able to choose from 40 eyeshadow palettes and create your own. My choices were (from left to right), Silk sheets, Big Spender, Gold status, Metallic Bronze, Glitzy Factor and Filthy Rich. Create your own here!

Not ready for the challenge? No problem! Buxom has also created 3 premade palettes you can choose from.

Before you go, let me know if you guys would like to see more posts about my beauty routine and tips. Thanks for stopping by! xo, p. Shop all the products I used in this post below.

Photos were taken by Henry Young @henrysyoung | Makeup by Bianca Michel @chateaumichelbeauty **This post was brought to you by Buxom, all opinions remain my own. 

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