Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon

Father’s day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about how we can make it special for all the special dads in our lives. Even though this year feels very different, we definitely can’t forget about Father’s Day (even if they say they don’t “need” anything.) Whether you’re shopping for a father who loves his tech or a wine aficionado, here are a bunch of gifts Dad is bound to love. And yes, they’re all from Amazon to make things that much easier!

Ya casi es el Día del padre, lo que significa que ya es hora de buscarle un regalo a papá. Aunque este año se siente muy diferente, definitivamente no podemos olvidarnos del Día del Padre (incluso si dicen que no “necesitan” nada). Les comparto muchas opciones para todo tipo de papá y sí, ¡todos son de Amazon para hacer las cosas mucho más fáciles!


So you need a gift for the Dad who’s into fashion. Lucky you! You can’t go wrong with some wardrobe staples with a fashionable twist or a fancy new weekend bag. There are so many good things especially in the Shopbop for Him section!

Tienes un papá fashionista? Aquí les comparto algunas opciones que le encantará a un papá con mucho estilo.


When it comes to gifts for Dad, a techy one is always a good idea. Dad’s always love things that make their lives easier, so I picked some things that are trending in the tech world. From an app controlled smart mug to a UV phone sanitizer, here are some great gift ideas.

Para muchos papás, nunca falla un nuevo juguete tecnológico y en Amazon siempre encuentras lo último en “gadgets.”


Whether he’s an ex-athlete or he just jumped on the qurantine health bandwagon, get him a gift that’ll keep on giving. I found so many good ones that’ll take Dad’s fitness game to the next level like a smart scale or the TRX training system!

Si antes no era muy activo, seguro que ahorita durante este encierro lo esta intentando. Uno de estos regalos motivaría a cualquiera a ponerse a hacer ejercicio!


What Dad doesn’t love to grill? Chances are a grill master Dad you know could use a little upgrade to take his skills even further. Think investment tools or a wireless meat thermometer to get him even more excited to cook for the family!

Si algo saben cocinar los papás es carne en la parrilla. No sé ustedes, pero ahorita más que nunca hemos estado cocinando en casa y aprovechando la parrilla. Estos regalos seguro emocionarán a tu papá y tendrán más ganas de cocinarte una rica carne asada.


If you totally have no idea what to get a special Dad in your life, but you know he enjoys a good wine or whisky on the rocks, this section is for you. I found the latest and greatest for Dad’s bar. This wine decanter with a built in aerator is a personal favorite of mine!

Si no tienes idea de que regalarle pero sabes que disfruta un buen vino o whisky, esta es la sección para ti. Siento que a muchos papás les encantaría agregar algunas de estas cosas a su bar.



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