How You Can Support Black People Now and Forever

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Without a doubt, this year has brought an inconceivable amount of hardship and loss among the Black community. The most recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have been a wake up call for many surrounding systemic racism and prejudice in our nation. For me, it has been as well. The last few days I’ve felt anxious, sad, angry and countless other emotions. How can this be happening in 2020? How can I educate myself on these issues? How can I fight racism, confront my own biases and work towards anti-racism? What more can I do to support the Black community today, tomorrow and forever? Please use this post to guide you in listening, watching, learning and unlearning, donating, having conversations, amplifying Black voices and taking action so the realities of injustice don’t go unheard.

If you are unable to protest, there are plenty of other ways to get involved and show your support to the Black community. These include educating, listening, signing petitions, contacting local representatives, consciously shopping and donating.


Justice for George Floyd Petition

Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition

Justice for Tony McDade

Justice for David McAtee

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Additional Black Lives Matter petitions to sign

If you have the means, your donation, however small, can directly help support Black lives and communities of color. There are many ways to help including direct donations to the victims of these tragedies and their families, helping with bail to release jailed protestors, assisting with community restoration, donating to policy reform organizations and tons of others. This page from NY Mag is a great resource to find vetted organizations to donate to.

There’s no better way to educate yourself than to read. After some research, here are some great ones to start with. If you can go an extra step further, buy these books from black-owned bookstores (Mahogany BooksHarrietts BookshopThe Lit Bar, and Semicolon Bookstore). But if not, below are links to the easiest ways to shop them right now.

If you’re into podcasts, have a long drive ahead or want to listen to something while you cook, here are some great podcasts that challenge the way we think and act on a daily basis.

About Race


Seeing White

The Stoop

Black Girl Podcast

Some of us are visual learners and that’s perfectly okay. Make your next movie choice something educational and encourage whoever you’re watching it with to have a conversation afterward. Write down things you still don’t understand fully, questions you have or ideas you have for change.

13th (available on Netflix)

When They See Us (available on Netflix)

If Beale Street Could Talk (available on Hulu)

Fruitvale Station (for rent on Prime, Itunes and Youtube)

I Am Not Your Negro (for rent on Prime, Itunes and Youtube)

Just Mercy (free with Prime)

Malcom X (available on Netflix)

Selma (for rent on Prime, Itunes and Youtube)

The Hate U Give (for rent on Prime and Hulu)

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (for rent on Prime)

A ton of influencers on Instagram are taking to their social media to promote black owned businesses and brands. I’ve found a ton a beautiful and inspiring new brands I can’t wait to support. I’ll list a few below, but please check out this list with a ton of others from fashion to jewelry to beauty to food.


Brother Vellies


Oma the Label


Jade Swim

Sami Miro Vintage

Riot Swim

Nubian Skin

LaQuan Smith

Wear Proclaim




Mented Cosmetics

Hyper Skin

KNC Beauty

Pear Nova

The Lip Bar

Oui the People

ROSEN Skincare

Unsun Cosmetics

One great way to use social media to support Black people right now is to amplify the voices of Black creators. Is your explore page predominately white? Follow and engage with a bunch of these Black creatives to diversify your scrolling. Here are some amazing ones to inspire you!

@temiotedola @chrissyford @lefevrediary @spiritedpursuit @gabifresh @jourdanaelizabeth @meccajw @champagnemani @kiitana @leomieanderson @aysha.sow @titiakandolo @itsreallynana @latonyayvette @slipintostyle @georgmedley @itsmekellieb @salemmitchell

Now more than ever, every vote counts. Our elected officials have power to help bring change against institutionalized racism. Go to to register to vote, check your registration status, find your polling place and more!



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