Blank Itinerary zara shirt with suede skirt1

So let me tell you something about my stubborn ways. When I see something, particularly a piece of clothing or shoes, that I love, I don’t stop searching until I find them. In this case, I saw this Zara t-shirt in Mexico City last month, but it was a size small so I decided to hold off until I came back home, to look for it here. I went online, and had no luck. Then, I went to the Zara store and they didn’t have it either. At this point, my chances were getting slim but I couldn’t give up. Well, it wasn’t until I went back to Mexico City two weeks ago, that I tracked it down and rode in traffic for about an hour, to get my blouse in a size xs! Like a little girl in a candy shop, I walked out of the store with bag in hand. Am I the only one that does these types of things?

Blank Itinerary zara shirt with suede skirt2 Blank Itinerary zara shirt with suede skirt3 Blank Itinerary zara shirt with suede skirt4 Blank Itinerary zara shirt with suede skirt5Wearing: Zara Shirt (destination:unknown ha!) | Barneys Faux Suede Skirt | Raybans | Wanderlust & Co Bracelet | Nialaya Ring

Photos by Henry Young




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