Milan Fashion Week Recap

Milan Fashion Week recap is finally up! As you probably know, I am currently in Paris for Paris Fashion Week and I’ve got to say, I am running out of battery. Sometimes I don’t know how I keep going. Anyway, I am excited to share highlights from my week in Milan! I have to admit that Milan might be my favorite fashion week. I just love all the brands there, the vibe and the experience overall. I thought my days would be a bit less busy than New York but boy, was I wrong! It’s a happy problem to have, though, so I can’t complain. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite trends on the runway and which of my looks you liked the most! I love getting your feedback!


This was an exciting year for me because it was my first time attending this show and it was definitely a memorable one. It was such a fierce show with intense pulsating lights and lions growling on the soundtrack. You might have seen my stories! Models came out in creepy masks with long spikes. I noticed lots of tailored pieces in the collection, sharp shoulders and lots of trousers! I wore this neon green matching set with my Gucci belt bag of course.

Alberta Ferretti

I absolutely loved this collection. There were so many amazing daywear options. I fell in love with the first look which was an all-white statement outfit. There were several all-white looks that were breathtaking. I am all about all-white looks year round because it always makes an impression. I loved the high-waisted denim and leather pants, tailored pantsuits which have been a trend on every runway and the incredible trench coats in suede and metallic leather.

Max Mara

Power meets glamour in this collection! There was some intense boss tailoring on this runway. Strong shoulders, pleated pants and skirts with matching coats. I adored the neutrals of this collection. I could see myself in the camels, charcoals and browns but I also was in awe of the bold monochrome looks.


What an emotional and special show. I feel so fortunate to have been able to witness the late Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection. You could see Karl’s signature touches in this collection like the stiff high collars which he wore himself and the interlinked double F logo which Lagerfeld himself invented in 1981 was woven into hosiery in his own handwriting. Gigi Hadid closed the show as a clip of Karl was played and the crowd rose to their feet. There were many teary eyes leaving the show.


Frankenstein was the focal point of the story behind Miuccia Prada’s menswear collection that presented last month and we saw that in this collection as well. Models had bleached brows and Frankenstein and his “bride” are seen in several of the pieces. There was a fierce mix of romance (lace, hearts, flowers, glitter) and utilitarianism (cargo details, puffers, uniforms). It was a very interesting combination of feminine romance with very mannish details.


I am completely obsessed with the outfit Tod’s dressed me in. Very on trend with the mixed pattern jacket and loved the combination with the fringe leather skirt. Tod’s always has the most supple and beautiful leather which we saw on the runway. Tod’s has a classic and timeless feel to it, especially when it comes to the outerwear pieces in this collection. The fitted leather blazers, leather dresses, and leather pants were all perfect examples of the high-end, well-crafted everyday staples that will never go out of style.


The models walked on a runway made of blush sand! What really stood out to me from the collection, were the rounded-shoulder outerwear pieces. That was something I hadn’t really seen yet on other runways. There was a lot of adapted menswear. I also loved the leather harness and holstering detail on a lot of the outerwear.


Etro never disappoints! My outfit for the Etro show was so stunning. I loved all the mixed prints it had and I saw a lot of them during the show which, doesn’t surprise me because all sorts of prints and patterns are an Etro signature. I also saw a lot printed jacquards and tapestries in rich browns and neutral colors on the runway during the opening portion of the show. The show later transitioned into a Victorian inspired collection which featured delicate long dresses, embroidery and beaded lace.


MSGM is always such a fun show to attend! There were all kinds of cool and interesting pieces but leather and bold prints dominated the runway for sure! I just loved how vibrant the whole collection was. I did see a lot of prints especially a heart shaped print which I saw on ruffles, knits, and even velvet.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo combined it’s men and women’s collection and it was so good! A lot of leather and tailored pieces are seen in this collection for both men and women. All women’s outfits were paired up with leather knee length boots which I loved! There’s definitely a few pieces ill keep my eye out for.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was one of my favorite shows. The whole collection is amazing! Cavalli’s ready-to-wear collection combined both its menswear and womenswear as well as its signature abstract tiger print throughout the whole show. The print was seen on women in dresses, skirts and coats and it also varied in color and fabric. Men on the other hand, wore a lot of layers and look so good in their jackets, long coats and suits!

Ermanno Scervino

This show was just jaw dropping! The whole collection was so elegant and luxurious. Most of the pieces had crystals on them, creating a sparkly pattern on dresses, knitwear and even on masculine fabrics like pinstripes. Women wore lace slip dresses, feminine tuxedo’s and knits. Men looked elegant wearing long coats, hats and outfits that were an interpretation of the same concept for women.


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