Safe Baby Products To Look Out For

You might remember that recently I was in New York with Johnson & Johnson. I wasn’t able to post a lot while I was there but I wanted to dedicate a post to share my experience. One of the most amazing parts of this job I created for myself, among many other things, has been the relationships that I have been able to create with so many brands that I admired and loved for so long. With that, comes the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the brands I partner with and all the work that goes behind the final product. That’s what my trip with Johnson’s was all about. I grew up with this iconic baby brand and now as a mother use their products on my own child. What I didn’t know was that the brand does much more than make baby products. For example, did you know they are working on and are close to creating a vaccine for HIV?! They are so involved in the global community impact worldwide and doing a lot of great work. More importantly, one of the things I learned about the brand, which I personally loved as a mother, was their commitment to creating safer products for babies and children. Everything I learned about how they make their products, the innovation and thought that has recently gone into reformulating Johnson’s Baby to create safer products, made me even more confident in buying their products. As a first time mother, and especially after Enzo’s rocky start to life, I always researched all the products I bought for him and searched what each ingredient was.

I loved learning that Johnson’s has made changes to their famous baby washes, lotions, and haircare products which include fewer ingredients and a greener manufacturing footprint! For me, it’s all about the ingredients in the products I buy for my baby, especially because Enzo has sensitive skin. Now, 96% of the ingredients in Johnson’s Baby products are naturally derived.* For example, they replaced ingredients parents did not prefer with naturally derived ingredients like soybean or coconut oil. All of their products are free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and sulfates. They even got rid of dyes in all their leading products, because of the feedback they received from parents! So, now their baby shampoo, one of the world’s most recognizable consumer products, is no longer its signature golden hue, but instead a clear formula! As parents, of course we want the best for our kids and try to buy products that won’t harm them but we need to be conscientious consumers and doing your research can sometimes be exhausting! This whole experience with Johnson’s opened my eyes to everything that goes into creating products like this and made me grateful to know that there are brands that actually care about what parents like us want and are listening and innovating to create safer products.

* Based on average cumulative volume of ingredients using ISO/DIS 16128 (water included)

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  1. Armida H. Gaillard
    November 4, 2018 / 7:55 pm

    After you mentioned that Johnson & Johnson reformulatrd their baby line to create safer products a did a quick check on their new ingredient list. Maybe yes, they took Formaldehyde out, (one of the worst ingredients out there) after the big scandal they had, using it in baby products for years! But I still think they are not close to be a safe brand for your baby because they are still listing BHT on their base, among other pretty bad ingredients.
    BHT is a Carcinogen, endocrine disruptive and organ toxic.
    I understand it takes time to review every single product but we now have Apps and websites that help us stay in the safe zone. For example, me, I know Johnson & Johnson is a dirty brand but anyways I did a quick search of J&J on my App and instantly gave me all the list of products with toxic ingredients, to my surprise, the majority of pretty badly rated products were baby products!!!!
    We should keep our babies away from this brand!
    If you really want to use a safe baby brand take a look at babo or erbaviva.
    Espero que este comentario te sirva y con toda confianza, escribeme si tienes alguna pregunta!
    Y ya por ultimo, the App I use is called Think Dirty but I am sure now you can have some other similar Apps.
    Johnson & Johnson ni en mi perro!

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